Zoom Classes

At the start of the Covid19 lockdown, Mariza quickly decided to embrace a different style of teaching and moved all of her yoga classes online, using Zoom.

She discovered that she – and many of you – love Zoom yoga! Although remote, she is still able to create a wonderful sense of community and a real experience of sharing a yoga class together. Through the Zoom format, she is still able to observe your practice and make verbal corrections to your poses throughout the class.

Mariza has already gained a new following as an online yoga teacher - as your friends and then their friends have logged into Zoom from all over the world to experience her wonderfully warming yoga classes from home.

As lockdown eases, Mariza has decided to keep the format going; your feedback shows that Zoom yoga suits lots of you too! If you’re unable to attend Chamonix yoga classes in person or you prefer to do yoga in the comfort of your own space, please join Mariza on Zoom:

Tuesday 2000 and Wednesday 2000 (Central European Time)