Chamonix Yoga Classes

For 2020, Mariza is teaching in the brand new Yuj Yoga Studio at the Folie Douce Hotel in the centre of Chamonix. Offering deliciously warm yoga classes in a very special studio, all of her classes are candle lit and set to music.

Mariza’s Chamonix yoga classes are perfectly balanced and timed to the background music. You’ll feel yourself reconnect with your body and mind as you move through a beautiful flow sequence to finish each session with deep relaxation.

Infrared lights keep the temperature of the room perfectly cosy, whilst the darkness and candles allow you to lose yourself in the experience of the flow. Mariza’s naturally relaxed style adds to this wonderfully comforting experience.

The yoga classes are open to everyone, from entry level to experienced yogi. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed end to your day in the mountains or you want to challenge your body with an intense practice, come and discover Chamonix’s best yoga.

Due to Covid-19, all classes are currently live online Zoom classes

La Folie Douce Hotel
Mondays at 1900
Tuesdays at 1100
€20.00 - drop in
€18.00 - with GDP card
€150.00 - 10 day pass
Yoga classes studio in the Folie Douce Chamonix
Les Cimes Chalet
Tuesdays 1800
Fridays 1500 - pregnancy
€20.00 - drop in
€18.00 - with GDP card
€150.00 - 10 day pass
View from the studio where Mariza Yoga holds classes in Chamonix
Teacher Training Chamonix
Teacher training classes run once or twice a year in the Pellerins area of Chamonix. TT is a one month residential course, but chamonix valley locals are welcome to join for some or all of the course at a reduced price. Please contact me directly for details